Finding You and the Shape of Attention

My task in FF is to find You.

My sense of myself emerges and takes shape through and in my attention.

Out of the panorama of given awareness my attention is a marshaling of resources from the most subtle noticing to the most dramatic of vigorous action.

This marshaling of attention is perceptible in others. We can see – hear – feel how someones attention forms.

In FF we oriantate our selves both around our forming attention and the attention of our partners.

Is the sharing of our attention, our connection?

Our self attention has place and shape. This is fluid, mobile. I may for instance at one moment feel I am in I’m upper chest and face . From this vantage another area may be objectified – the itch on my ankle “down there”

This self awareness is always subtly shifting ( although we all may have tendencies to position ourselves in certain ways – what we might call attitude).

The next moment I may, for instance, recede behind my eyeballs “deep in thought”, and the next, gradually open and expand into a more diffuse broad awareness of the entirety of my whole bodily being in this space.

Our awareness can expand to the panoramic and contract to pin sharp focus and can be variously configured in shape, depth and projection. This is the continually evolving shape of my presence.

In FF we track this both in ourselves and our partners. We attempt to match and meet through the flow of our attention, drawing as much of our selves to each other as we can muster.


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