meeting awareness with awareness

Freeforming is about meeting our partners awareness with our own awareness.

We often begin practice sitting.

We practice returning to our awareness.

Lowering the degree of our engaged identification with our thinking to return to the “empty mirror” of awareness.

We then attempt to meet this awareness in our partner.

I picture this as holding a plastic cup of water between us. At first the cup may be full of ripples if not spilled or dropped entirely.

However, we attempt to stll our selves so that the water becomes still.

It reminds me of my experience of the Kashima Shin Ryu sword practice. Facing opponents practice by waiting until they sense both themselves and their opponent is completely settled, before acting

A moving target is difficult to hit. In Freeforming I want to make myself easily available so that the other can reach my awareness. I may also wait for them to settle.

It is from our creative adjustment to make and maintain this stillness connective awareness between us, that the motion of Freeforming is generated.