It seems to me that the spontaneous creativity of takemusu aiki that O’Sensei spoke of is an improvisation arising out of kimusubi. When I read the work of those who practice improvisation in other arts I am thrilled by how they seem to be speaking of the heart of aiki. Their thoughts are currently a great inspiration to me as we currently practice.


One of the first writers I first came across was Keith Johnstone and his book Improv – improvisation in theatre. His notion of not blocking but in essence saying yes! to what emerges seems fundamental to aiki practice – very much relating to O’Senseis notion of non-resistance.

Stephen Nachmanovitch has written very eloquently. I am glad when he states the first principle of improvisation is to listen, listen, listen. That is the mantra that I feel hold true as the fundamental basis aikido practice.(more to come……)os