What people say about Freeforming

  • Playful freedom; a renewed confidence in my body and being P.B
  • It enables me to play with awareness, and sensing. It is creative. It supports me to improvise and trust the process. I just felt very good, very satisfied, nourished and alive from contact. I have a global sense of enjoying the process so very much! It is great fun. It is serious play. I go away feeling really good, having met some lovely people in a very direct way. I know this is what I need because I enjoy it so much. M.T.
  • I really enjoyed it …the emphasis on expression, intuition, sensitivity and presence was refreshing. Paradoxically, this dance-like way of training is also of great benefit from martial perspective as it teaches aiki in its purest form, and is a great workout to boot. M.W.

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