deep listening into kimusubi

Whilst practicing this evening I realised that the “receptive mode of conscioussness” discussed in my last post really boils down to deep listening – feeling the stick or partner with full attention.

I was delighted to notice how deep listening became energetic bonding (ki-musubi).

The task of motion then simply became moving so that I could “hear” more.

We extended this to partner work with stick. I was surprised and delighted that we were able to freeform out of this work with the stick between us.


3 thoughts on “deep listening into kimusubi

  1. I can recommend the writings (and teachings) of Peter Ralston in this regard. For example, from his book “The Principles of Effortless Power”, pp 83:

    As long as we are clearly and continually listening and interpreting, our actions will be appropriate. The moment that we forget to do this, however, our activity ceases to be in relationship to what is arising and begins to become our own “doing,” or attempt to manipulate the situation; we fall out of grace with the real condition, and therefore will run into some problematic experience.

    Have fun!

  2. Thanks Robert, that’s very nicely put!
    I notice I have some strong reservations about the notion of “Power” in this context, effortless or otherwise, which I will give some further consideration…
    The fun goes on…
    all the best!

  3. There is a zen saying that goes “No snowflake falls in the wrong place.”

    Congratulations on having a snowbank grow in freeform aikido… I am not surprised the winds of your life have blown you here.

    Looking forward to a time when we might train together again.

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