dialogue with a stick

Today we practiced with a stick.

The play evolves out of a feed back loop between the stick and I.

The stick, when held freely, responds to my slightest movement.

I, in turn, attempt to attune to the sticks momentum and align my movement with it. I am again seeking to find and sustain energetic bonding or ki-musubi.

The stick and I are mutually influencing. The practice dries up, or stutters if I try to master or overtly direct the stick.

For me, the discipline is to be open to the stick. This again is an example of how freeform practice is emergent from the “between”.

Here are some comments and observations that Carl Griffiths made on his practice.

  • The “prestige” or trade secret is listening to, and following the stick.
  • To stay in contact with the stick I need to loose my attachments.
  • …this challenges me to steady, continuous listening – and when I do this, I feel liberated from my inhibitions!

Again, thank you Carl!


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