a review of a Freeform Aikido practice!

We were visited by Mark Walsh, a specialist in Integration Training.

Mark Walsh photo. Freeform aikido

He took this photo and wrote this review –

Last night I had the pleasure of training with these guys.

They do aikido as a movement art rather than martial art. I really enjoyed it and there was a lot of crossover with Original Play and Paul Linden’s work. The emphasis on expression, intuition, sensitivity and presence was refreshing. Paradoxically, this dancelike way of training is also of great benefit from martial perspective as it teaches aiki in its purest form, and a great workout to boot.

If you can get yourself to New Cross East London check them out.

Visit Mark Walsh site


2 thoughts on “a review of a Freeform Aikido practice!

  1. Cheers guys, was fun – see you on Sunday in Epsom? Aiki extensions fundraiser anmd cross styles “aikido exercises for non-aikidoka” event.

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