do’s and don’ts of freeform aikido (and yes, rules are for fools!)


  • listen, listen, listen
  • breathe – use your inhalation to savour your own and your partners energy, your exhalation to release
  • look for outwardly expressed intention in you partner – even the intention expressed through simply standing is workable
  • convert compression into release-in-connection
  • release internal holding and compression through vocalising
  • have faith in the connection and allow the work to emerge from your connection


  • trap, hold or restrict your partners movement (or your own!) This creates antipathy and is a recipe for injury to your partner, particularly their joints. We are looking to expand rather than constrict freedom of movement.
  • feel obliged to make anything happen!
  • cling to your own stability or “form”. Freeform aikido places no value on the conservation of our own balance, or structure – it becomes a pillar of stuckness!
  • try and come up with moves or impose your clever ideas on the process – you will sever the connection

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