Square and control?

The idea of aikido have sometimes been illustrated with the use of the
shapes triangle, circle and square. My son Kit was talking to me about
I then thought of how I had heard the square described as representing
control. I realised that for me now, control has very little place in how I
understand aikido.

For me control implies one will imposed upon another. For
me what is interesting and excites me is the unpredictable creation that
emerges from between the practioners in their meeting. For me this is the
antithesis of control.

Aiki promises me an alternative to the stern
predictability implied by the notion of control.



One thought on “Square and control?

  1. I think your son pointed out the diagrams which shows Aikido’s movements with simple drawing lines tell us Aikido’s ideal movements in various ways. We normally learn things from text book that meant to teach us from the authoritative position. This seems controlling our ways of thinking. I don’t criticize every teaching style text books, but your Aikido teaching (Free Form Aikido – This is new word right?) is completely opposite from this.
    Your notion of antithesis of control reflects on your ways of teaching Aikido as well. The word ‘teaching’ might not be good to use here. I feel like you are exploring the unpredictable creation with us, so we are part of the creative process. No one know what is going to happen every moment include you. I think almost no one ever done this style of teaching Aikido. (May be O-sensei did…).
    I always think you deserve more practitioners in Dojo. It’s good thing to start this blog, so anyone can access and understand what we try to achieve.

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