discovery through experiment

Freeform aikido is a continual and intense learning process of discovery through experiment. Practitioners are encouraged to base their learning and practice on their actual experience through experiment rather than through the introjection of their teachers view points or philosophy


One thought on “discovery through experiment

  1. Thanks for Peri and everyone for the practice today. As we practiced on the grass outside of Dojo (We sometimes do.), I discovered practicing on uneven and harder ground gave me great massage to my whole body and I can feel full of my body now. Especially we did a lot of rolling today. We hardly ever feel the ground by whole our body in ordinal life. The ground is always under our foot. We only lie on the bed or sofa which is very soft and the contact is very partial. If we want to feel full of our body, it’s good idea to roll on a little hard surface. I might try as well rolling on somewhere unusual, may be a skaters’ sanctuary Heyward gallery in Southbank.

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