moving being

freeforming contact meditation landscape zoom1Freeforming is a space to connect to play through movement, voice and touch. The focus is on the connection between people. I sense that you sense that I sense… a contact meditation.

Freeforming contact meditation longDrawing from Zen, Aikido, Gestalt and the improvisatory arts, Freeforming -

  • brings us alive to the present moment
  • loosens stale patterns of being
  • opens us to creative flow

The practice was developed by Peri Mackintosh.

Freeforming sessions usually involve

  • Mindfulness meditation to develop stillness, clarity and heightened awareness
  • Quadrupedal exercises to develop stamina, balance, flexibility and fluidity
  • Improvised paired contact meditation work using movement, voice and touch to develop attunement
  • Group work to expand attentional scope and situational responsiveness

Freeforming collageYou are welcome to join us.

6:30-8:00pm Tuesdays

Edmund Waller Primary School
Waller Road
London SE14 5LY

Cost £10 (£5 Concessions)


5 thoughts on “moving being

  1. Practice today was wonderful. Yes, exactly, ”wonder” ”full”.
    With a focus on listening. Being active in hearing ”feelingly”, we were able to absorb eachother, and tune in. And for me, a whole world would open in each new moment. Finding form and space TOGETHER is so interesting for me. I like the letting go, the surrender to what’s happening ”now” rather than me trying to make something up or rush on to a new moment before the one we’re in has reached it’s full bloom. It can be frightening to be still, to slow down, breath and be honestly present. But when we do, it is magic, it is peaceful to be so open. Ah yes – as you said Peri – ”It is grace”

  2. So often our human poetics are overlooked. And , even sometimes, they are criticized or ridiculed as ineffective. But it takes an amazing sense of structure to compose the most fluid of poems. Poetics are what connects our spirits and reminds us of our true nature; living vessels of god’s grace.
    Freeform aikido looks to be an amazing amalgam of structure and fluidity. And if the 100th monkey theory has any weight, Kimusubi is the direction my dojo’s have been moving in too!

    Someday we’ll dance together in the same room. For now, let’s dance together in spirit.

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